Layout of Smart Lighting, Sustainable Innovation

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Layout of Smart Lighting    Sustainable Innovation. 


FSL stunning appearance in Frankfurt 


On March 18th, the Lighting+Building 2018 Fair in Frankfurt, inaugurated in Frankfurt Germany, about 2,600 exhibiting companies from all over the world took part in this fair. As an old friend of Frankfurt Lighting Fair, FSL again appeared in Hall NO.10, stall B59 this year, exhibited new LED products, smart lighting, intelligent control products, and had a heated discussion with the worldwide companies, industry leaders about the trend of lighting. 


Frankfurt Lighting Fair has been held for the first time since 1999, it has become one of the most influential international exhibitions in the lighting industry. Every 2 years, it exhibits a number of cutting-edge technologies and latest trends in the lighting industry. "Connecting-Safety-Convenience" as the theme of Frankfurt fair this year, through the showing of smart connecting solutions, leading the cutting-edge technology in the future, expressing "intelligentize the daily life" and " harmony between aesthetics and pragmatism ", creating a discussion in industry leaders .


Go out, lead the overall deepening of reform


In 1987, with the approval of the former State Ministry of Light Industry, FSL became the export base of electromechanical products and officially opened its way to internationalization. Frankfurt Lighting Fair is undoubtedly the one of the best stages for lighting companies. FSL shows the charm of Chinese brand to all over the world thought this most influential platform. From the strong attack on traditional lighting, to the rapid innovation of LED lighting, until now days people-oriented smart lighting, Frankfurt fair witness the rapid development of FSL and also witness the speed of the internationalization of China's lighting in the overseas market.


“Importing, exporting”,


Mentioned by Chairman Xi Jinping in his New Year speech in 2018 “We must take the opportunity of celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, solve all the problem and carry out reforms to the end.” His words demonstrated China’s determination and confidence in its adherence to reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, Chinese enterprises made new breakthroughs in the improvement of productivity. FSL is taking the opportunity of “One Belt and One Road” to vigorously implement the “going out” strategy, intensifying the development of markets in emerging countries such as Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, and accelerating FSL brands overseas. From the expansion of the development and layout, to the improvement of the product line, and to the development of the lighting industry, FSL is at the forefront of the industry.



Focus on the field of intelligence, Make intelligence in China


In this year's show, smart lighting has undoubtedly become the new protagonist. When lighting integrates multiple elements such as home appliances, home appliances, and living situations, people's lives will have more possibilities. Integrated lighting solutions have been emerged. With the rising of the Internet of Things, the integration of personalized, people-oriented smart lighting is becoming the key point of future industrial development.


As an excellent listed company with a history of 60 years, FSL closely follows the trend of the industry development. In 2017, we established the intelligent lighting R&D team and quickly formed combat effectiveness. At FSL stall in Frankfurt, intelligent control systems and smart lighting solutions surprise every visitors. Various control solutions such as voice control, scene adjustment, infrared sensing, and mobile phone APPs have given new meaning to lighting products. In the future, FSL will join hands with Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jing Dong and many other domestic Internet companies to establish smart home systems and find new additional value and functions for smart lighting.


It is reported that at this exhibition, the launch of new series and smart lighting products of FSL has attracted the attention of many visitors from all over the world. They have studied products and intelligent lighting solutions at FSL booth, and many visitors showed their strong cooperation willing, which also brings new opportunities for the development of FSL internationalization. In the future, FSL will continue to increase investment in R&D for intelligent lighting and health lighting, and accelerate the “high-tech precision, internationalization of brand and markets, Mass production”. The implementation of the "three-phase" strategy will continue to move forward with the grand goal to be a billion enterprise and a century-old enterprise, and show the world the charm of China's intellectual creation.