Build IoT ecosystem- FSL has established strategic cooperation partnership with Alibaba Cloud

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On July 31, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co.,Ltd. and Ali Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the Internet of Thing (IoT) ecosystem, which means a multi-form and multi-level cooperation in technology, IoT ecosystem and other aspects, with the help of Alibaba Cloud's talents and technological advantages in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and digital city construction. FSL General Manager Liu Xingming, Deputy General Manager Wei Bin, Ali Yun Intelligent IoT Business Unit General Manager Ku Wei and his team attended the signing ceremony.


As the world's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company, Alibaba Cloud is second only to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. With more than a million customers, Alibaba Cloud serves businesses, developers and government agencies in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, actively promotes thrive of the digital economy in the Cloud.



FSL General Manager Liu Xingming (right) and Alibaba Cloud Intelligent IoT Business Unit General Manager Ku Wei (left) signed a strategic cooperation agreement


In this cooperation, Alibaba Cloud will provide Alibaba Cloud Life IoT platform (Fei Yan platform), on this basis to build FSL proprietary cloud platform. Through flexible and better services in the platform to achieve intelligent upgrading of products, channel management, user experience and increase the competitiveness of FSL. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will continue to supply Ali system, technology products and services. Finally realized to achieve platform-based business construction.


                                                                 Liu Xingming, General Manager of FSL

In recent years, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies further improve home industry, manufacturing industry towards the direction of refinement. As a leading enterprise in lighting industry for 61 years of experience, FSL has been actively promoting the digitalization of enterprises, intelligent transformation and upgrading, and always embraces new ideas and new technologies with an open mind. In 2018, FSL launched intelligent lighting solutions, intelligent products to achieve docking with Tmall,, Tencent, Google Home, Amazon Echo and other mainstream platforms at home and abroad, and set up the FSL e-home intelligent system; In 2019, FSL R&D department make further research on intelligent products and work out more safety, convenient and  comprehensive intelligent system solutions. FSL also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom, to reach a strategic partnership in the smart city, smart factory, smart lighting and other fields. This time, FSL has come hand in hand with top technology partners-Alibaba Cloud, to keep pace with the times in technology, marketing, operation.



                                               Ku Wei, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Intelligent IoT Business Unit


Smart life and digital economy are booming, they advance the future of the lighting industry towards intelligence. As Alibaba Cloud team said, the essence of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is sale of a new product to explore a new user, keep online and off-line and other multi-party maintenance to create a healthy and perfect industrial ecological chain. FSL already has a strong offline sales network, the follow-up can rely on Alibaba Cloud's big data, cloud computing, etc., to connect online stores and more than 1000 stores nationwide, offline stores intelligent scene experiential marketing, promote the development of new retail scale, to achieve the co-construction of smart home ecosystem. 

In the future, FSL will work together with Alibaba Cloud to give full play to their advantages in the industry, accelerate enterprise upgrading in smart cities, smart life, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, accelerate the construction and innovation of IoT platform, actively lead the industry digitization construction and transformation, and bring better products and experiences for users.